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R.2094C 2000 Class J94 Locomotive 68080
2001 Class J94 Locomotive 68080
2002 Class J94 Locomotive 68080

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1. Princess Royal Class Locomotive - Princess Elizabeth
2. Class A1 Locomotive - Flying Scotsman
3. Class A3 Locomotive - Flying Scotsman
4. United Dairies Milk Tank Wagon
5. L.N.E.R. Composite Coach
6. Track Cleaning Coach

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N.S.W.R. Diesel Freight Locomotive (Aust)
N.S.W.R. Diesel Freight Locomotive (Aust)


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4,069 individual Items.
3,707 Models.
362 catalogued Train Sets.
156 Train Packs.
820 Steam Locomotives.
497 Diesel Locomotives.
1,082 Passenger Coaches.
1,152 Freight Wagons.

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