Livery Images

A.T.S.F. Silver Anglia Blue Anglia Grey ARC Yellow
Arriva Cross Country Arriva Northern Blue Arriva Wales Blue B. & O. Silver
B.R. Apple Green B.R. Belgian Turquoise B.R. Black B.R. Blue
B.R. Blue & Grey B.R. Blue (Steam) B.R. Blue Large Logo B.R. Chocolate & Cream
B.R. Container B.R. Crimson B.R. Crimson & Cream B.R. D of M & EE.
B.R. Deutche Bahn Red B.R. Electric Blue B.R. Express Parcels B.R. Goods
B.R. Green B.R. Grey & Blue B.R. Hoverspeed B.R. Inter City
B.R. Inter City Swallow B.R. Inter City Swallow Grey B.R. Mainline B.R. Maintenance
B.R. Malachite Green B.R. Maroon B.R. Metro Maroon B.R. Network SouthEast
B.R. Parcels Sector B.R. Purple B.R. Rail Express B.R. Railbus Blue
B.R. Railbus Chocolate & Cream B.R. Railbus Dark Grey B.R. Railbus Orange B.R. Railbus Yellow
B.R. Railfreight B.R. Railfreight 2-Tone Grey B.R. Railfreight Grey B.R. Railfreight Speedlink Distribution
B.R. Red B.R. Regional Railways B.R. ScotRail B.R. SNCF
B.R. Trainload Grey B.R. White DMU Battle Space Various C. & O. Goods
C. & O. Silver C.B.Q. Silver C.N. Black C.N. Goods
C.N. Silver C.N. Silver & Black C.P. Black C.P. Goods
C.P. Grey & Maroon C.P. Red C.P. Silver & Red C.R. Blue
C.R. Crimson & Cream Chiltern Blue CIÉ Goods CIÉ Green
Commonwealth Maroon Connex White Cotswold Grey CT Green
DRS Blue E.P.S. 2-Tone Grey EM Blue EM Light Blue
Eurostar White & Yellow EWS Goods EWS Grey EWS Maroon & Yellow
EWS Royal Claret EWS Silver EWS Steel Blue Fragonset Black
Freightliner Green Freightliner Grey FY Grey & Blue G.N. & S.R. Brown
G.N.R. Green G.W.R. Black G.W.R. Chocolate & Cream G.W.R. Goods
G.W.R. Green GBRF Blue GBRF Purple GC Black
GNER Blue GW Green GW Purple GW Purple & Yellow
GW Purple Swirl GWT Green & Ivory L.B.S.C. Brown L.B.S.C. Goods
L.M.S. Black L.M.S. Blue L.M.S. Crimson L.M.S. Goods
L.N.E.R. Apple Green L.N.E.R. Black L.N.E.R. Blue L.N.E.R. Goods
L.N.E.R. Silver & Grey L.N.E.R. Teak L.Y. & R. Black LM Green
Load-Haul Black Load-Haul Goods London Transport Red M.R. Crimson
Mainline Blue Mainline Trainload 2-Tone Grey ML Blue Green ML White Grey & Blue
N.P. Silver N.S.W.R. Candy N.S.W.R. Goods N.S.W.R. Maroon
N.S.W.R. Red N.S.W.R. Silver Northern Belle Brown NR Yellow
NS Blue NT Blue & Purple NT Mersey Railways Yellow NT White & Purple
One Blue P.R.R. Silver Private Owner Diesel Locomotive Private Owner Goods
Private Owner Steam Locomotive Pullman Blue & Grey Pullman Brown & Gold Riviera Blue
Riviera XP64 Blue S. & D.J.R. Blue S.R. Black S.R. Bullied Green
S.R. Goods S.R. Malachite Green S.R. Olive Green Scotrail Blue
Scotrail Green Scotrail Purple South Eastern Blue SPT Carmine & Cream
SWT Blue T.R. Blue T.R. Blue TransAustralia T.R. Bright Silver & Red
T.R. Green T.R. Silver T.R. Silver & Red T.R. Silver & Red TransAustralia
T.R. Various Transrail 2-Tone Grey Transrail Dutch V.R. Blue
V.R. Goods Virgin Blue Virgin Heritage Blue Virgin Red
Virgin Silver WCR Maroon WE Blue WS Blue & Grey
WS Grey & Silver

Top 6 Models

1. Princess Royal Class Locomotive - Princess Elizabeth
2. Class A1 Locomotive - Flying Scotsman
3. Class A3 Locomotive - Flying Scotsman
4. Class 7P6F Locomotive - Britannia
5. Class 9F Locomotive - Evening Star
6. L.N.E.R. Composite Coach

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High Speed Train Set
High Speed Train Set


11,328 yearly Items over 57 Years.
4,069 individual Items.
3,707 Models.
362 catalogued Train Sets.
156 Train Packs.
820 Steam Locomotives.
497 Diesel Locomotives.
1,082 Passenger Coaches.
1,152 Freight Wagons.

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