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For each model there is one model page (Model Details), we call this the overall model page. Each model also has one or many model year pages (Model Year Details), one page for each year of release. The pages look quite similar, although at a closer look you will notice many differences.

The Model Details page shows most of the information for all the years of release, whereas the Model Year Details page shows all the information around the particular year of release.

Top 6 Models

1. Class A3 Locomotive - Flying Scotsman
2. Class A1 Locomotive - Flying Scotsman
3. Princess Royal Class Locomotive - Princess Elizabeth
4. Class A4 Locomotive - Mallard
5. Open Wagon
6. Class 57XX Pannier Tank Locomotive

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Random Model

Pullman 3rd Class Brake Car No.161
Pullman 3rd Class Brake Car No.161


11,328 yearly Items over 57 Years.
4,069 individual Items.
3,707 Models.
362 catalogued Train Sets.
156 Train Packs.
820 Steam Locomotives.
497 Diesel Locomotives.
1,082 Passenger Coaches.
1,152 Freight Wagons.

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