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Class 3F Tender

Class 3F Tender Class: Class 3F Tender
Type: Steam
Designer: Richard Deeley
Weight: 43 tons (not including tender)
Purpose: Mixed Traffic

Information: Class 3F locomotives were originally rebuilds of earlier Midland Railway 2F designs. The Deeley 3F tender locomotive closely followed the rebuild design and in-turn later part of the class to be rebuilt by Henry Fowler.

Details: Although 58 identical class 3F locomotives were designed by Richard Deeley and built in Derby between 1906 and 1908 the design originates with the earlier Johnson class 2F. A total of 906 2Fs were built at Derby between 1875 and 1902 primarily for service on the Midland Railway, but also out-shopped for the Somerset & Dorset as well as the Great Northern Railways. The 2Fs were split between two variations using 4-11 and 5-3 diameter coupled driver wheels many of which were rebuilt with larger boilers and modified cabs becoming the genesis of the Class 3F tender locomotive. Originally the Deeley locomotives were numbered sequentially from 3775-3833.
It is estimated that a total of 652 3F tender locomotives were turned-out, including the new builds. All the Deeley class was again rebuilt by Henry Fowler in 1918 using a Belpaire boiler design. These locomotives all were allocated to the Midland Railway later being absorbed by the LMS with 55-locomotives surviving into the British Railways era.
Primarily the locomotives were used for freight services through-out the region. Many were used for short-haul passenger service as required. The livery was unlined black through their entire lives using various company designations and running numbers through their lives.
The first of the British Railways allocated locomotive to be withdrawn was 43831 on May 8, 1948 from the Toton shed. The final locomotive of the class was 43808 which had soldiered on for a total of 56-years finally being withdrawn September 8, 1962 from the Bedford shed. None have been preserved.

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Class 3F Tender Releases (4)

Class 3F Tender Locomotive
Released: 1968
3775 M.R. Crimson
Class 3F Tender Locomotive
Released: 1966 1967
43620 B.R. Maroon
Class 3F Tender Locomotive 43775 B.R. Black
Class 3F Tender Locomotive
Released: 1958
43775 B.R. Black

Class 3F Tender Images (4)

Class 3F Tender Locomotive
Class 3F Tender Locomotive 3775

Class 3F Tender Locomotive
Class 3F Tender Locomotive 43620

Class 3F Tender Locomotive
Class 3F Tender Locomotive 43775

Class 3F Tender Locomotive
Class 3F Tender Locomotive 43775

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