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2-6-0 Transcontinental ‘Old Timer’

Class: 2-6-0 Transcontinental ‘Old Timer’
Type: Steam
Designer: Tri-ang Railways
Weight: ---
Purpose: Making Children Happy

Information: A fictional model introduced as part of the Transcontinental range.

Details: During the late 1950’s, Tri-ang Railways introduced a series of Transcontinental models to their catalogue line-up in order to widen global appeal of their train sets. The premise of the Tri-ang range was to introduce new and appealing models based on a limited set of standard components. The 2-6-0 Mogul named ‘Davy Crockett’, introduced primarily for the Canadian market was a prime example of this philosophy.
The first series of Transcontinental models were generally well received, both for their intended foreign markets and in Britain where their bright colour schemes added an element of excitement in the catalogues when compared against the more somber British prototypes pictured.
By 1962 additional Transcontinental models were brought into the range including the old time ‘Davy Crockett’. An open veranda clerestory coach and four wheel caboose where introduced to match the colourful red and yellow locomotive and tender.
No part of the model can be considered authentic based on prototypical practice; early North American steam locomotives typically featured a 4-4-0 wheel arrangement and colours were anything you wanted, as long as it were black. This is not to say that Moguls did not exist on North American railroading; it just means that they didn’t look anything like ‘Davy Crockett’. However, the large chimney, imposing cow-catcher, brass bell, and attractive colour scheme all gave the model a pleasing appeal and consequently initial sales were good.
After the novelty of the models unique appeal had worn off, it was withdrawn from the UK catalogue after 1965. Early models also featured in Australian catalogues, but the model had no real appeal in the Australian market. ‘Davy Crockett’ featured prominently in Canadian catalogues until 1967, after which time both the locomotive and train sets remained on the Canadian Price Lists until 1971.

John Faulkner

2-6-0 Transcontinental ‘Old Timer’ Releases (2)

Davy Crockett Steam Locomotive 1863 T.R. Various
Old Time Ned Kelly Locomotive
Released: 1962a
1863 T.R. Various

2-6-0 Transcontinental ‘Old Timer’ Images (2)

Davy Crockett Steam Locomotive
Davy Crockett Steam Locomotive 1863

Old Time Ned Kelly Locomotive
Old Time Ned Kelly Locomotive 1863

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