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Class 3 Standard Tank

Class 3 Standard Tank Class: Class 3 Standard Tank
Type: Steam
Designer: Robert Riddles
Weight: 75 tons
Purpose: Mixed Traffic

Information: Class 3MT locomotives were part of the Standard Design locomotives brought about at the on-set of British Railways in 1948. The 2-6-2T wheel arrangement was designed for mixed traffic workings on branch-lines through-out Britain and for empty stock workings primarily in the London area.

Details: One of the earlier Standard Class designs of British Railways, the Class 3MT truly was a hybrid design. Robert Riddles over-saw the building of only 45 locomotives, all constructed at the former GWR Swindon Locomotive Works between 1952 and 1955. The class shared common designs inherited from GWR and LMS practice. Another variation of the locomotive was the tender paired sister of which 20 were built.
Members of the class were allocated to all four Regions of British Railways where they performed mixed traffic duties with-out much fan-fare.
When new all examples were turned-out in British Railway mixed traffic lined black livery. By 1957 examples run on the Western Region were repainted lined green. Later some of these were repainted in unlined green as an economy measure.
Their expected life-span of 40-years plus was cut-short considerably due to the Modernisation Plan as branch-lines were closed and steam sheds were closed. The first examples were removed from traffic in 1963. The final three lasted until the end of steam in 1968. None were preserved.
Plans to build a “new” 3MT 2-6-2T are underway by the 82045 Locomotive Trust, utilising parts from scrapped locomotives, where applicable to save on cost.

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Class 3 Standard Tank Releases (2)

Class 3MT Tank Locomotive 82004 B.R. Green
Class 3MT Tank Locomotive
Released: 1956 1957 1958 1959
82004 B.R. Black

Class 3 Standard Tank Images (2)

Class 3MT Tank Locomotive
Class 3MT Tank Locomotive 82004

Class 3MT Tank Locomotive
Class 3MT Tank Locomotive 82004

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