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London 1908 Train Pack (County Class - County Of Radnor)


London 1908 Train Pack (County Class - County Of Radnor)

Years Released: 2011 (Model Year pages)
Model released for 1 year. (Model may have been released after 2011)

Model: London 1908 Train Pack (County Class - County Of Radnor)
Running Number: 3818
Category: Train Packs
Train Packs
Locomotive Class: Class 38XX County Class
Class 38XX County Class
Designer: George J. Churchward
Class Information: Generally considered a shortened derivative of the larger Churchward designed 4-6-0 Saint Class locomotives, the 38XX Class was specifically designed for working of local cross country passenger services on the weight restricted Hereford / Shrewsbury region of the GWR / LNWR joint line. More...
Weight: 100 tons
Purpose: Cross Country Passenger
Wheel Arrangement: 4-4-0
Model Information: Coach running numbers: ? ?
Pack Contains:
GWR 4-4-0
“County of Radnor” County Class
GWR Clerestory Composite coach
GWR Clerestory Brake coach
Plus numbered limited edition certificate
Models Produced: ---
Logo & Box Style:


Company: G.W.R. - Great Western Railway
Logo: G.W.R. Crest
Logo Years: 1927 - 1947
Great Western Railway
Livery: G.W.R. Green
G.W.R. Green
Livery Details: Brunswick green with gilt lettering, and orange and black lining.
Company Information: The G.W.R. was formed as a railway company in 1835 and was the only company to survive the 1923 grouping, to become one of the big four. The King and Castle class locomotives were amongst the most famous G.W.R. steam designs.

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2011 R.2980 2011
London 1908 Train Pack (County Class - County Of Radnor)

Limited Edition

2011 Limited Edition of 1908

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Model Catalogue Information

2011 The summer of 1908 was an exciting time for those who lived in and around London as the city played host to the 4th modern Olympic Games.
This special limited edition 1908 train pack contains models representative of the type of locomotive and carriages that would have been seen pulling into London Paddington in the early years of the 20th Century, some no doubt carrying passengers whose final destination was to visit the Games.

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R.2980 - London 1908 Train Pack (County Class - County Of Radnor) - 2011
R.2980 London 1908 Train Pack (County Class - County Of Radnor) - 2011

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