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Codename: Strikeforce


Codename: Strikeforce

Years Released: 2011 (Train Set Year pages)
Set released for 1 year. (Model may have been released after 2011)

Train Set: Codename: Strikeforce
Category: Train Sets
Train Sets
Model Information: Contents:
Military 0-4-0 locomotive
2 Lowmac wagons
Supply van
4 assorted military vehicles
Bunkers and military personnel
3rd Radius Starter Oval
Track Pack A (with point and buffer stop)
P9200 Wall Plug Transformer
R8250 Train Controller
R8206 Power Track
Hornby MidiMat (1600 x 1180mm)
Sets Produced: ---
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Model Ranking:
Current: 549 - February 2023
Previous: 874 - January 2023
Movement: (+325)

Train Set Year Details (1)

2011 R.1147 2011
Codename: Strikeforce

Train Set Items (5)

0-4-0 Military Locomotive
Released: 2011
None Private Owner Steam Locomotive
Lowmac Military Wagon with Jeep
Released: 2011
None Private Owner Goods
Lowmac Military Wagon with Tank
Released: 2011
None Private Owner Goods
Military Supply Van
Released: 2011
None Private Owner Goods

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Train Set Catalogue Information

2011 It is the Good Guys versus the Bad Guys in this all action train set. Who is good and who is bad only you can decide! The camouflaged train must travel around the track carrying much needed supplies to the troops. The BattleMat included allows for the track circuit to be extended using the Hornby Track Packs providing plenty of scope for an all action railway layout. Track Packs available separately.

Catalogue Images (1)

R.1147 - Codename: Strikeforce - 2011
R.1147 Codename: Strikeforce - 2011

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