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1970w Price List

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UK Price List Date: 1st January 1970

Train Sets: 0
Models: 26
Locomotives (All): 10
Steam Locomotives: 10
Diesel Electric Locomotives: 0
Train Packs: 0
Passenger Rolling Stock: 0
Freight Rolling Stock: 16

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1970w Steam Locomotives with 1970w Price (10)

1970w W.2222 Castle Class Locomotive - Devizes Castle G.W.R. Green 7002 149/6
1970w W.2218 Class 4MT Tank Locomotive B.R. Black 80033 137/6
1970w W.2225 Class 8F Locomotive L.M.S. Black 8042 149/6
1970w W.2211 Class A4 Locomotive - Mallard B.R. Green 60022 159/6
1970w W.2212 Class A4 Locomotive - Sir Nigel Gresley L.N.E.R. Blue 7 159/6
1970w W.2217 Class N2 Tank Locomotive L.N.E.R. Apple Green 9522 89/6
1970w W.2216 Class N2 Tank Locomotive B.R. Black 69550 89/6
1970w W.2226 Coronation Class 8P Locomotive - City Of London B.R. Maroon 46245 159/6
1970w W.2227 Coronation Class 8P Locomotive - City Of Stoke On Trent L.M.S. Black 6254 159/6
1970w W.2236 West Country Class Locomotive - Dorchester B.R. Green 34042 179/6

1970w Freight Rolling Stock with 1970w Price (16)

1970w W.4652 Auto Distributors Lowmac Wagon with Load Private Owner Goods B904631 12/6
1970w W.4305 Babycham Passenger Fruit Van Private Owner Goods W2910 ---
1970w W.4326 Blue Circle Cement Wagon Private Owner Goods None 11/-
1970w W.4600 Clay Cross Ore Wagon Private Owner Goods None 11/-
1970w W.4320 Eskimo Refrigerated Van Private Owner Goods W59850 11/-
1970w W.4300 Findus Blue Spot Fish Van Private Owner Goods E87231 11/-
1970w W.4301 Fyffes Banana Van Private Owner Goods B881867 9/6
1970w W.4635 Higgs 12 Ton Coal Wagon with Load Private Owner Goods 85 9/6
1970w W.4311 L.M.S. Guards Van L.M.S. Goods M730973 9/6
1970w W.4318 Peak Freans Ventilated Van Private Owner Goods DE545533 9/6
1970w W.4315 Royden Stables Horse Box Private Owner Goods E96435 ---
1970w W.4323 S.R. Utility Van S.R. Goods S2380S ---
1970w W.4665 Saxa Salt Wagon Private Owner Goods 248 11/-
1970w W.4313 Standard Fireworks Gunpowder Van Private Owner Goods B887002 9/6
1970w W.4660 Twining Open Wagon Private Owner Goods 95 9/6
1970w W.4657 U.D. 6 Wheeled Milk Wagon Private Owner Goods None 14/6

Top 6 Models

1. King Class Locomotive - King Henry VIII
2. King Class Locomotive - King Edward I
3. Princess Royal Class Locomotive - Princess Elizabeth
4. Class A3 Locomotive - Flying Scotsman
5. Class A1 Locomotive - Flying Scotsman
6. The Flying Scotsman - Built For The Engineer Set

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Diesel Freight Set (Canada)
Diesel Freight Set (Canada)


11,328 yearly Items over 57 Years.
4,069 individual Items.
3,707 Models.
362 catalogued Train Sets.
156 Train Packs.
820 Steam Locomotives.
497 Diesel Locomotives.
1,082 Passenger Coaches.
1,152 Freight Wagons.

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