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1965c Images ( 45 )

0-4-0 Dock Shunter
R.353 - 0-4-0 Dock Shunter

4-Rocket Launcher
R.343 - 4-Rocket Launcher

Ambulance Car
R.248 - Ambulance Car

C.N. Box Car With Sliding Doors (Canada)
R.136CN - C.N. Box Car With Sliding Doors (Canada)

C.N. Day Liner Diesel Car (Canada)
R.352CN - C.N. Day Liner Diesel Car (Canada)

C.N. Oil Tanker (Black)
R.117CN - C.N. Oil Tanker (Black)

C.N. Refrigerator Car
R.129CN - C.N. Refrigerator Car

Canadian National Baggage/Kitchen Car (Canada)
R.446CN - Canadian National Baggage/Kitchen Car (Canada)

Canadian National Caboose (Canada)
R.115CN - Canadian National Caboose (Canada)

Canadian National Diesel Locomotive
R.55CN - Canadian National Diesel Locomotive

Canadian National Diesel Switcher (Canada)
R.155CN - Canadian National Diesel Switcher (Canada)

Canadian National Diner Car (Canada)
R.447CN - Canadian National Diner Car (Canada)

Canadian National Passenger Car
R.444CN - Canadian National Passenger Car

Car Transporter with 6 Cars
R.342CN - Car Transporter with 6 Cars

Cement Car
R.137 - Cement Car

Davy Crockett Steam Locomotive
R.358S - Davy Crockett Steam Locomotive

Depressed Center Car
R.236 - Depressed Center Car

Diesel Freighter Set (Canada)
CTS.3 - Diesel Freighter Set (Canada)

Exploding Car
R.249 - Exploding Car

Giraffe Car
R.348 - Giraffe Car

Gondola Car
R.116 - Gondola Car

Helicopter Car
R.128 - Helicopter Car

Le Champlain Diesel Passenger Set (Canada)
CTS.2 - Le Champlain Diesel Passenger Set (Canada)

Pulp Wood Car
R.235 - Pulp Wood Car

Red Arrow Bomb Transporter
R.239 - Red Arrow Bomb Transporter

Rocket Launching Wagon
R.216 - Rocket Launching Wagon

Rocky Mountain Avalanche Train Set (Canada)
CTS.4 - Rocky Mountain Avalanche Train Set (Canada)

Searchlight Wagon
R.341 - Searchlight Wagon

Side Tipping Flat Car
R.345 - Side Tipping Flat Car

Snow Plough
R.138 - Snow Plough

Steam Freighter Set (Canada)
CTS.1 - Steam Freighter Set (Canada)

Stephensons Rocket Train Pack
R.346 - Stephensons Rocket Train Pack

Stock Car
R.126CN - Stock Car

The Canadian Diesel Passenger Set (Canada)
CTS.6 - The Canadian Diesel Passenger Set (Canada)

Track Cleaning Car
R.344 - Track Cleaning Car

Transcontinental A Unit Diesel
R.55 - Transcontinental A Unit Diesel

Transcontinental Baggage/Kitchen Car
R.442 - Transcontinental Baggage/Kitchen Car

Transcontinental Coach
R.440 - Transcontinental Coach

Transcontinental Crane Car
R.560 - Transcontinental Crane Car

Transcontinental Diner Car
R.443 - Transcontinental Diner Car

Transcontinental Mail Coach
R.400 - Transcontinental Mail Coach

Transcontinental Observation Car
R.441 - Transcontinental Observation Car

Transcontinental Pacific - Hiawatha
R.54S - Transcontinental Pacific - Hiawatha

Westwood Pickles Pickle Car
R.139 - Westwood Pickles Pickle Car

Work Train Set (Canada)
CTS.5 - Work Train Set (Canada)

Top 6 Models

1. Class 4P 2-6-4T Locomotive
2. Princess Royal Class Locomotive - Princess Elizabeth
3. Class A1 Locomotive - Flying Scotsman
4. Class A3 Locomotive - Flying Scotsman
5. Class 7P6F Locomotive - Britannia
6. Class 9F Locomotive - Evening Star

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Random Model

B.R. (Ex L.M.S.) Corridor Brake 3rd Class Coach
B.R. (Ex L.M.S.) Corridor Brake 3rd Class Coach


11,328 yearly Items over 57 Years.
4,069 individual Items.
3,707 Models.
362 catalogued Train Sets.
156 Train Packs.
820 Steam Locomotives.
497 Diesel Locomotives.
1,082 Passenger Coaches.
1,152 Freight Wagons.

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