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2007 - Caledonian Single Train Pack (Caledonian Single)


Caledonian Single Train Pack (Caledonian Single)

Model: Caledonian Single Train Pack (Caledonian Single) (Overall Model page)
Running Number: No.123
Category: Train Packs
Train Packs
Locomotive Class: Caledonian Single 4-2-2
Caledonian Single 4-2-2
Designer: Neilson & Co
Class Information: This unique Caledonian Railway 4-2-2 Single, winner of the Gold Medal at the Edinburgh International Exhibition in 1886 was destined for celebrity status as a steam locomotive, being one of the earliest steam locomotives set aside for preservation. More...
Weight: 42 tons
Purpose: Mixed Traffic
Wheel Arrangement: 4-2-2
Wheel Arrangement Name: Single Wheeler
Model Information: Coach running numbers: 460 461 143
Models Produced: ---
Company: C.R. - Caledonian Railway
Logo: C.R. Crest
Logo Years: 1845 - 1922
Caledonian Railway
Livery: C.R. Blue
C.R. Blue
Livery Details: Light blue with white lining and gold lettering.
Company Information: The Caledonian Railway was a Scottish railway company which was grouped in to the London Midland & Scottish Railway in 1923.
Year: 2007
Catalogue Number: R.2610
Year Information: Locomotive No. 123 was built in 1886 by Neilson & Co for the Caledonian Railway and was one of the locomotives that took part in The Race to the North in 1888. In the 1920’s No.123 was used to pull the Director’s saloon but in 1930 it was returned to ordinary service and operated until 1935. By that time the locomotive had been painted in LMS colours and carried the number 14010. After being withdrawn from service the 4-2-2 wheeled locomotive was repainted in its original Caledonian livery and was numbered once more 123 and is now housed at the Glasgow Museum of Transport. The Hornby model was first introduced in 1963 and over the following years made several appearances both in the Caledonian Railway blue and later in LMS colours. The Hornby models final appearance was in 1983 when it carried the LMS colours. This year sees the Caledonian Railway locomotive No.123 making a welcome return nearly 45 years after its first introduction. Where possible and to keep the integrity of the first Hornby model No.123 the original body styling has been maintained. However, the chassis and the motor have been upgraded to the level expected by today’s modeller. Accompanying the Caledonian will be one brake and two composite coaches which were first produced by Hornby (then Tri-ang Railways) in 1962 and were last available in 1973! This specially packaged Limited Edition train pack will have a restricted production run of just 2500 pieces and each will include a numbered certificate.
Model Motor: ---
Publication: Hornby
Publication Type: Catalogue
Publication Edition: 53rd Edition
Logo & Box Design:

Limited Edition: Limited Edition 2500
UK Price List: ---
Aust Price List: ---
Can Price List: ---

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2007 R.2610 2007
Caledonian Single Train Pack (Caledonian Single)

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