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1971w - Class 4MT Tank Locomotive


Class 4MT Tank Locomotive

Model: Class 4MT Tank Locomotive (Overall Model page)
Running Number: 80033
Category: Steam Locomotives
Steam Locomotives
Locomotive Class: Class 4MT Tank
Class 4MT Tank
Designer: Robert A. Riddles
Class Information: The Class 4MT was the largest Standard tank engine design attributed to British Railway’s Standardisation Plan of the 1950’s. Motive power for hauling commuter traffic through-out Britain was in high demand after Nationalisation and the 4MT could be found at work in most areas through-out the country. More...
Weight: 86 tons
Purpose: Suburban Passenger
Wheel Arrangement: 2-6-4
Wheel Arrangement Name: Adriatic
Model Information: Tri-ang Wrenn model.
Models Produced: ---
Company: B.R. - British Railways
Logo: B.R. Late Crest
Logo Years: 1956 - 1967
British Railways
Livery: B.R. Black
B.R. Black
Livery Details: Black with red and white lining.
Company Information: British Railways came into existence in 1948 when the dominating four British railway companies amalgamated. Steam traction on British Railways ended in 1968 and the system was re-branded as British Rail.
Year: 1971w
Catalogue Number: W.2218
Year Information: Heavy die-cast metal locomotive. Model has fine body detailing, individual hand rails and nickel tyres on the driving wheels. Fitted with Tri-ang Hornby couplings.
Model Motor: ---
Publication: Tri-ang Wrenn Pages - 1971 Tri-ang Hornby Catalogue
Publication Type: Catalogue Pages
Publication Edition: ---
Tri-ang Wrenn Pages - 1971 Tri-ang Hornby Catalogue
Logo & Box Design:

UK Price List: 159/-
Aust Price List: ---
Can Price List: ---

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Current: 566 - May 2023
Previous: 393 - April 2023
Movement: (-173)

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1969w W.2218 1969w
Class 4MT Tank Locomotive
1970w W.2218 1970w
Class 4MT Tank Locomotive
1971w W.2218 1971w
Class 4MT Tank Locomotive

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