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1964 - Stephensons Rocket Train Pack


Stephensons Rocket Train Pack

Model: Stephensons Rocket Train Pack (Overall Model page)
Running Number: ---
Category: Train Packs
Train Packs
Locomotive Class: Rocket
Designer: George Stephenson
Class Information: In October 1829; George Stephenson’s Rocket won the £500.00 prize awarded the “Best Travelling Locomotive”. This successful design became the blue-print for subsequent designs of steam locomotion through the end of steam traction for nearly 150-years. More...
Purpose: Passenger
Wheel Arrangement: 0-2-2
Wheel Arrangement Name: Rocket
Model Information: ---
Models Produced: ---
Company: Private Owner
Livery: ---
Year: 1964
Catalogue Number: R.346
Year Information: With 1 Liverpool/Manchester Railway Coach.
Model Motor: ---
Publication: Tri-ang Railways - Minic Motorways
Publication Type: Catalogue
Publication Edition: 10th Edition
Tri-ang Railways - Minic Motorways
Logo & Box Design:

UK Price List: ---
Aust Price List: ---
Can Price List: ---

Model Ranking:
Current: 81 - August 2019
Previous: 76 - July 2019
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Model Year Details (7)

1963 R.651S 1963
Stephensons Rocket Train Pack
1964 R.346 1964
Stephensons Rocket Train Pack
1965 R.346 1965
Stephensons Rocket Train Pack
1965c R.346 1965c
Stephensons Rocket Train Pack
1966 R.346 1966
Stephensons Rocket Train Pack
1969 R.346C 1969
Stephensons Rocket Train Pack
1969c R.346C 1969c
Stephensons Rocket Train Pack

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Model Photos & Notes (1)

09 Dec 2015 Photo Stephensons Rocket Coach Despatch Peter Brixey

Stephensons Rocket Coach Despatch

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