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1958 - Class 3MT Tank Locomotive


Class 3MT Tank Locomotive

Model: Class 3MT Tank Locomotive (Overall Model page)
Running Number: 82004
Category: Steam Locomotives
Steam Locomotives
Locomotive Class: Class 3 Standard Tank
Class 3 Standard Tank
Designer: Robert Riddles
Class Information: Class 3MT locomotives were part of the Standard Design locomotives brought about at the on-set of British Railways in 1948. The 2-6-2T wheel arrangement was designed for mixed traffic workings on branch-lines through-out Britain and for empty stock workings primarily in the London area. More...
Weight: 75 tons
Purpose: Mixed Traffic
Wheel Arrangement: 2-6-2
Wheel Arrangement Name: Prairie
Model Information: Locomotive fitted with Walschaerts Valve Gear.
Models Produced: ---
Company: B.R. - British Railways
Logo: B.R. Early Emblem
Logo Years: 1948 - 1956
British Railways
Livery: B.R. Black
B.R. Black
Livery Details: Black with red and white lining.
Company Information: British Railways came into existence in 1948 when the dominating four British railway companies amalgamated. Steam traction on British Railways ended in 1968 and the system was re-branded as British Rail.
Year: 1958
Catalogue Number: R.59
Year Information: ---
Model Motor: ---
Publication: Tri-ang Railways Fourth Edition
Publication Type: Catalogue
Publication Edition: 4th Edition
Tri-ang Railways Fourth Edition
Logo & Box Design:

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Model Year Details (4)

1956 R.59 1956
Class 3MT Tank Locomotive
1957 R.59 1957
Class 3MT Tank Locomotive
1958 R.59 1958
Class 3MT Tank Locomotive
1959 R.59 1959
Class 3MT Tank Locomotive

Train Sets Included In (3)

1958 1959 Goods Train Set
1956 1957 Train Set (2-6-2 Goods)
1956 1957 Train Set (2-6-2 Passenger)

Related Service Sheets (2)

9 Chassis - R.59 November 1955
9a Chassis - R.59 May 1961

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